Gutter Guard Comparison When Dealing With The Dreaded Helicopter Maple Seeds

Whirley Birds, Helicopters, Maple Seeds... Need Raindrop Gutter Guards image

Whirley Birds, Helicopters, Maple Seeds… Need Raindrop Gutter Guards

The dreaded Maple Seed.

They have defeated many-O-gutter protection systems. If you have a Maple Tree in your yard, or the neighbor half way down the block has one, you know that those whirley birds can find their way onto your roof. This is where they plan their attack on your gutter screens. Eventually causing the gutter guards to clog and the gutter system to fail.

Message Received! Controlling Maple Seeds was one of the many concerns Raindrop’s® inventor had to address when developing the Raindrop Gutter Guard System. Watch This Video and you will see how Raindrop® Gutter Guard compares with over 20 different types of gutter protection systems.

In this video, you will see Raindrop® Gutter Guards vs many other types of gutter guards / screens / toppers / micro mesh / stuffers … (basically as many as we could find) … and how they control maple seeds. They were all tested on the same roof, roof pitch and gutter. All gutter guards were installed according to their directions. In this case, the maple seeds were always kept dry, dropped from the same height, positioned to land in the same area of the roof and fall at the same rate or amount.

One thing that Raindrop® wanted to accomplish with its design, was to keep the homeowner on the ground. The homeowner should not need to maintain the gutter protection system in order for it to perform at its best. To do this, the product needed a surface that would not catch or snag debris, and needed a forward slope to it in order to keep debris moving off the gutter guard. Where Raindrop® succeeded, other products had to include “speed bumps” for the water which in turn snag debris, or other products lay flat which keeps debris up on the gutter guard.

Now, please watch and enjoy the Maple Seed vs Gutter Guards video.


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